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Our Story

Nicolas Evgeniou was born in Limassol and decided to get into hairdressing at the age of 14. He had after all been following his father’s footsteps, who was very popular in this field. He took classes in two hairdressing schools and took his first steps in the industry while working with the best hairdressers. Having all that experience allowed him to go ahead and create his own space.

Hair Extensions was what stimulated his interest from the beginning. He entered this area with a lot of passion and worked with the strongest companies in this field while being introduced to various methods and materials. As a result of this long term occupation, the know-how and expertise on hair extensions gave him the title of Hair extensions Expert.

Providing his customers with the finest materials has always been Nicola’s priority. Proof of that but also a reward for his devotion and love to it is the wide smile on each and every single customer’s face after every application.

So if what you are looking for is the best hair extensions, Effective Hair Extensions Center is the place you are looking for and Nicolas is the man for the job!

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