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Keratin Hair

Keratin Har

Keratin Hair Extensions

Premium quality is the key to success! DC hair is most probably the best choice available in the market.  Being selected from a number of sources around the world, the hair is only chosen after meeting the highest standards set. The hair should always have a flexible texture, extremely healthy ends that are not dry and most importantly not to have been dyed or undergone any other chemical process at any point. After having chosen the finest hair, the coloring process starts under constant supervision. Pure silk is added to help maintain the hair’s fine texture as the amino acids it contains protect the hair throughout the coloring, lightening and straightening process.

A great number of colors is available to choose from, making each and every one of you happy! Once you begin using DC hair from Effective Hair Extensions Center’s hair experts you will never feel the need to look for anything else and you will never be alone. Our hair experts are always there for you. The flat and heat resistant bonding as well as the premium quality hair makes our extensions very comfortable to wear and allow you to continue enjoying life not worrying about your hair.

Tape Hair

Tape Hair

Tape Hair Extensions

Dc tapes are extremely flat and comfortable for your head. A unique bonding has been developed allowing a powerful but at the same time safe grip on the head. It can be applied without using any tools and in a very short time. The tapes can last for more than 10 weeks and can be easily reapplied several times without damaging your hair. Effective Hair Extensions Center will guarantee that!!

Premium human hair is used in order to ensure long lasting hair extensions. Brushing becomes unbelievably easy leaving you without any worries about your hair! A great selection of colors allows you to choose what you really want instead of having to compromise with what’s available.

Clip in Hair

Clipin Hair

Clip In Hair Extensions

A quick solution in order to get the full, rich and long hair is the clip in hair extensions. A combination of high quality materials together with tangle free premium hair allows you to continue leading an active lifestyle.

Weft  Hair

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Weft Hair Extensions

Using weft hair doesn’t mean that you cannot still get the finest quality of hair! Weather you keep it straight or curly, down or in a ponytail, our hair still looks so amazing.

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