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Keratin Therapy

Like most beauty treatments, not all keratin treatments are created equal, nor are they for all hair types. In Effective Hair Extensions Center though you will find a genuine Keratin treatment that actually de-frizzes the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, without changing its texture! It is of course formaldehyde-free. It actually permeates the cortex of the hair rather than just sit on the outside of the cuticle, in order to make the hair smooth again.

Hair Care

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Keratin Shampoo

DC Keratin Shampoo is the perfect choice for daily use for all hair types. It is specially formulated to supply keratin to the hair but at the same time ensure clean and healthy hair and scalp. After using it you will have beautiful and very soft hair throughout the day.

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DC Hair Mask

DC Hair Mask is rich in pure Keratin and argan oil and is the perfect choice for dry hair. Its formula will help restore your hair while regaining its original structure. After several uses, your hair will not feel dry again.

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Leave-Keratin Mask

This ultimate leave-in spray mask is the perfect product to cover several needs of your hair:

  • Provides thermal protection

  • Nourishes the hair

  • Gives a soft and shiny result

  • Helps avoid getting split ends

  • Contains sunscreen to protect the color

  • Has a beautiful scent

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Silk Therapy Serum

DC Silk Therapy Serum is enriched with 6 vitamins and wheat germ oil and has the following benefits:

  • Adds flexibility to the hair while making it shine

  • Reconstructs the hair

  • Is enriched with pure and natural silk

  • Protects the hair from thermal damage

  • Is suitable for all hair types

A winning combination for strong and healthy hair.

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Volume and Curl Glaze

The ultimate combination between moisturizing cream glaze and pure keratin to provide long lasting volume in addition to nourishing and moisturizing your hair. The perfect mix for wavy and curly hair.

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